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Welcome to the Kutlas Wiki!

This is the wiki where you can learn about Kutlas, how Kutlas is programmed, how to program in Kutlas, and how to program plugins for Kutlas.

What is Kutlas?

Kutlas is a new programming language, somewhat based on Kotlin. It is object oriented, and is programmed in Java. One of the main goals for Kutlas, is to allow it to be one of the most flexible, and easy to use programming languages around. It is made to be modified, and added to.


Kutlas is easy to use, and simple to understand. With any knowledge of almost any other programming language, you will be able to program in Kutlas easily. Here is an example:

Class HelloWorld {
    def void main() {
        System.printline("Hello World")

This simple block of code will output exactly what you think: Hello World. With ease, you can learn how to program Kutlas, and make programs of your very own!


Here is a list of links that may be helpful with whatever you may want to do with Kutlas.

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